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We’re so sorry to see you here, because that means we failed to make everything perfectly clear. The good news is, we have a whole host of commonly asked questions–and their answers—right here to help you.

If our app doesn’t seem to be working correctly, sometimes the simplest answer is to ensure both your device’s operating system and the Woven app itself are up to date. Still having trouble after updating, and your question doesn’t appear in our FAQs? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly–via email, contact form, or toll-free number, (800) 878-0900.

What is Woven?

Who owns the images I upload to Woven?
You do. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Like it says in our agreement, we have no ownership rights over what you upload to Woven. Your uploaded photos and videos remain yours and cannot be accessed by anyone but you and those you give permission (see User Agreement for details.) And, we promise to never use your photos for marketing purposes.

What is the Woven app and what does it do?
Woven is a photo-viewing app for smart phones, e-readers, and tablets. It gathers together your photos and videos from a wide range of online storage services, mobile devices, social media sites and your computer, creating a cohesive collection that’s easy to view and share.
What devices and operating systems are supported?
Woven is compatible with most devices on the following operating systems:

  • Android – Android 2.2 or later for NOOK Tablet,
    NOOK Color, and Android phones and tablets. OS 2.3 is needed to upload photos from your device to Woven.
  • Kindle – Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX
  • Apple – iOS 6.0 or later for iPhone 3GS/4/4s/5/5c/5s, iPod touch (4g and 5g), iPad (2, and 3), and iPad Mini
  • Windows Phone – Windows Phone 8 or later.

Create a Woven account

Why do I have to create a Woven account when it used to be optional?
Initially, we made Woven free to use to give users, like you, a chance to experience its features without having to create an account. But, as Woven became a service with more and more features, it’s important that you sign up for an account for two reasons. First, it allows you to take full advantage of exciting, upcoming features and, second, it helps us better serve you by quickly answering your questions and resolving any problems you may have.

Adding photos to your Woven collection

Is there a limit on the number of photos that I can upload to my Woven account?

The number of photos from your other sources is unlimited.

What formats are supported?

Woven supports JPG and PNG photo formats.

How do I add my online photos to Woven? Can I add multiple accounts and sources?
To add a photo storage service like Facebook or Shutterfly, visit the app’s Settings page. For each source account, you will be asked to enter your account information and grant Woven permission to access your photos. Without your permission, Woven cannot access them.

add-sourcesIf you have photos stored with more than one storage source, add them all—Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, Instagram, Photobucket, Google+, Smugmug, Microsoft OneDrive, Tumblr, 500px—to create a single master collection. Multiple accounts from the same source can be added as well.

Why is Woven not adding photos from my Shutterfly account?

Woven will no longer support Shutterfly as a source in Woven. Shutterfly has decided to limit other apps’ ability to connect with their service, including apps like Woven. We regret that our users will no longer be able to see new Shutterfly photos in Woven, but there are still many other sources that you can add, including Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, Instagram, Google+, Microsoft OneDrive, Photobucket, Smugmug, Tumblr, 500px, your personal devices and your computer. We will also be adding more photo and video sources going forward.

Can I add photos from my phone or tablet's camera roll to my Woven collection?
If your smart phone, e-reader or tablet has a camera, you can automatically add its photos to your Woven collection by accessing the Settings screen and selecting This Device under Connect Photo Sources to Woven.

Woven will automatically upload copies of your photos and add them as a new album in your Woven collection. (If you’re using Woven for Windows Phone, add OneDrive as a photo source and you’ll be able to view these pictures as part of your Woven collection.)

 Devices without camera are not currently supported by Woven.

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Woven and video

Does Woven support video?
Yes. We will gather videos from your Facebook, Instagram, Smugmug, Flickr, and Google+ accounts, as well as from your Android, iOS and Amazon devices. And, we are working on supporting even more sources.
Can I share my videos with Woven Show?
Yes, you can share your videos through Woven Show on the web, on Apple TV, and with Google Chromecast. However, playing videos on Samsung Smart TV and Orange Livebox is currently not supported.
Why won't Woven play my Facebook videos?
On some older devices (Android 2.x, Kindle Fire first generation, NOOK Color, NOOK Tablet) Woven won’t play videos from Facebook. This is unfortunately a limitation of these older platforms. We are working on a solution for future releases.

Using the Woven Uploader for iPhoto

What is the Woven Uploader for iPhoto?

The Woven Uploader is a free tool for Mac computers that syncs your iPhoto albums and photos (JPEG and PNG format) to your Woven account. Once your photos are synced, you can enjoy them on any phone or tablet running the Woven app—they’ll appear in your collection alongside all your other photos. Leave it running on your computer and it’ll automatically sync new iPhoto photos and albums (and remove any that you delete).

Why is the Woven Uploader for iPhoto labeled 'beta'?

We’v built and tested the Woven Uploader with great care, but it’s still a new tool. It’s labeled ‘beta’ because we are continually working to improved it and make it even more useful.

Does the Woven Uploader for iPhoto backup my albums and photos?
The Woven Uploader is not currently a tool for backing up your iPhoto albums and photos. Even while using it, you should continue to protect yoru locally stored photos from hard drive failures, accidental deletions, and other problems.
How do I install the Woven Uploader for iPhoto?

The Woven Uploader runs on your Mac computer (Mac OS X 10.6 or later) where you keep your iPhoto Library.

To install and use the Uploader, you’ll first need a free Woven account.

uploaderThen, follow the instructions on the app’s Settings screen to have an email sent to your computer with a download link. When you’ve dragged the file into your computer’s Applications folder, double-click it to get started.

Once it’s running, the Uploader will find your iPhoto Library and begin syncing your albums and photos. Please be patient; uploading times will vary based on the number of photos and the speed of your Internet connection.

When you’re finished, leave it running on your computer and it’ll automatically sync new iPhoto photos and albums (and remove any that you delete).

Enjoying your Woven photo collection

How do I share photos from my Woven collection?

Sharing photos from your Woven collection with friends and family is easy. When viewing a single photo, simply click on the sharing icon in the photo’s top right corner (on Windows Phone the icon is located in the app bar.)




Sharing multiple photos is just as simple. From within any group of photos, gently press and hold their thumbnails to highlight your selection. Then, press the sharing icon in the top right corner to choose how you’d like to share this group. You can also share whole albums the same way.

Depending on your phone or tablet, you can share by email, Facebook, Twitter, text message, or pasted link.

How do I delete photos from my Woven collection?

Woven does not delete, edit, change the organization of, or otherwise alter your original photo source in any way. However, you can delete photos from your Woven account, without disturbing the original sources.

deleteTo delete a single photo, click the delete icon in the top right corner (located in app bar on Windows Phone.) Deleting multiple photos is just as simple. From within any group of photos, press and hold their thumbnails to highlight your selection. Then, press the delete icon and your selected photos will no longer be viewable within Woven.

If you want to make changes to your original photos and albums, visit the photo service where they’re actually stored l—Facebook, Shutterfly, or Google+, for example. Once an edit or deletion is made here to your original photo or album, Woven will reflect it in your collection automatically.

What is the “Photos I Like” album on Android devices?

Now, on Android, you can mark your favorite photos and easily access them in one album. You can also view this album on a larger screen using Woven Show and Google Chromecast (see Woven Show section for more information).


Can I use photos from my Woven account with Live Wallpaper on Android devices?

Yes, on Android, you can now use your Woven photos with Live Wallpaper and any photo from your collection on your home screen.

How do I download photos from my Woven collection to my Android, iOS device or Windows Phone device?

On iOS devices, while viewing a photo in full screen, select the sharing icon then save to the Camera Roll.


On Android, while viewing the photo full screen, select the menu icon and then Download to device to save to your device’s Downloads folder.

Similarly, on Windows Phone, select the menu icon and then Download to device to download photos to Saved Pictures album.

How do I attach my Woven photos to my email on my Android device?

When composing a new email, simply tap the attachment icon as you normally would.  Select the Woven icon at the prompt, and you are then free to scroll through your entire Woven collection to attach whichever photo you like.

How do I view photos when I don’t have an Internet connection?

Depending on the storage available on your phone or tablet, a number of full-sized versions of your recently viewed photos will be available.

Woven on larger screens

What is Woven Show?

Woven Show allows you to view and share your photos on any web-connected screen, Samsung Smart TV or Orange Livebox Play console. To access Woven Show, press the icon on the top-right of the screen that resembles two people in front of a TV.

woven_showFrom here, you will be able to pick which device you want to view your Woven collection on, including through your computer’s browser at

What is the Woven Photo Viewer for Samsung Smart TVs?

The Woven Photo Viewer for Samsung Smart TVs enables group photo viewing on your television. If you have a web-connected Samsung Smart TV or Blu-ray player, the app works with Woven on your iOS/Android phone or tablet to help you enjoy your photos on your home’s biggest and best screen.

Can I use Google Chromecast with Woven?

Woven is compatible with Chromecast on any Android device that supports the Google Play Services 4.2 or above, and iOS devices as well.

To access Chromecast from your Woven account, select the Chromecast option from the Woven Show menu. To end the session, press the Woven Show icon again and then select Disconnect.

Why is my Chromecast device not detected by the application (on Android and iOS)?
1. Chromecast is only supported on Android 2.3 and above.
2. Chromecast requires your device to support Google Play.
3. Make sure you have the latest version of Google Play Services. You can check which version you have by going to the system settings, select “Apps”, then “Google Play Services”, and look for the version number at the top. Chromecast support requires 4.2 or above. If your version is lower, please click here to update.
4. Make sure your device (Android and iOS) and Chromecast are running on the same network. On iOS, this is similar to the Airplay via Apple TV set up.
How do I play a slideshow of my favorite photos on Chromecast (on Android)?
1. Make sure that your Woven account has some photos in Photos I like
2. Go to Settings.
3. Tap Chromecast Slideshow
4. On the following screen, there should be a Start button; tap it. The slideshow of your favorite photos will start playing in sequence (as opposed to randomly) on the Chromecast-connected TV.

Creating and managing your Woven account

What can I do with a Woven account?
A free Woven account enables you to:

  • Add your photo storage service sources once, then enjoy your photo collection on multiple mobile devices;
  • Sync your computer’s iPhoto albums and photos to your Woven account (sorry, Mac users only for now)
  • Automatically upload photos from your phone or tablet’s camera roll, and
  • Securely sign in and out of your account if you share your devices with other people.
How do I update my Woven account information?

If you have an account, visit the Settings section of the app to change your name, email address or password. To completely delete your account and any personal information connected to it, look for the link in Settings under Your Account. This will remove all information about your account as well as your photos from our servers.



Contacting Woven

How can I contact Woven for additional help?

Just use our contact form for quick assistance. Or, contact us via email at or by calling (800) 878-0900. For business development, please email us.